Sister Anne of Yahweh, OCD made her solemn vows in 1985. Almost thirty years later she learned in prayer that Christians are heading into a time of persecution, and that she was being called to encourage them with the messages of Mary, and also to promote a new congregation to follow the Rule that Mary dictated in 1846 at LaSalette for a new Order of the Mother of God, the Apostles of the Last Times. This is not the “end of the world” but the end of one time or era (dominated by Satan), and the transition to a new era (ruled by the hearts of Jesus and Mary). Sister received proper dispensation from her cloistered vows and two years training in an active congregation. She returned to her home diocese for a time of discernment. She is giving three talks each week to friends. Audio transcriptions are on her website, and the youtubes will be uploaded to this channel. The Blessed Mother tells us that we are living in the days of the Apocalypse.
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